HEARTBEAT DRAWING gives the opportunity to purely sense the simultaneous existence of people from all over the world, a method that can be undertaken by anyone anywhere, it is the power of the heartbeat. By simply placing your hand on your chest, you can feel the rhythm, the beat of your life. Since 1995, HEARTBEAT DRAWING has been consistently capturing this rhythm in real time in the form of drawing. But rather than drawing, it is more close to the nuance of inscribing, of pounding something out. The number of beats that have been inscribed by SASAKI until today reaches over 24 million.
  The visualized beats, the red rhythm of the work, captures a specific time and place, a specific context and functions as a device to visualize a complicated information resource. Each slightly different wave is a confirmation of life, and expresses a pure way of being. The work of HEARTBEAT DRAWING continues to add value to the existence of every beat. HEARTBEAT DRAWING continues as an art to draw attention to the fact that we are all born within the ecosystem of the earth. The art of HEARTBEAT DRAWING is to enable you to sense that all over the world there exists a simultaneous pulsating rhythm of each person's heart, a harmony of sound that exists in one moment, and in this moment the commonality of the world is formed. From this small awareness we are led to the consciousness of our basic human equality. This is a unique expression of reality.

  Ever since 1995, SASAKI has been obsessively continuing to produce HEARTBEAT DRAWING, in which he records the heartbeats. In total there have been depicted more than 24 million heartbeats, on over 2200 artworks until today and people from all over the world have in their possession more than 5 million heartbeats. Since 2007, he has also started to perform the interactive live drawing that he draws HEARTBEAT PORTRAIT of other's heartbeats, drawn on over 1500 people in the world until today. To be sharing the drawings of people being at a specific time in a specific space, is an important part of the concept of the HEARTBEAT DRAWING project.

  "Beat of the Heart", the fundament on which life in this world is given continuity, is the essence of "life" as we know it. It is the proof of living in the 'now' and the bond "shared" by most forms of life. "Sharing-Owning" of the Drawing is about participating in the ever-expanding project of SASAKI, where one shares "life" with others as a continuous element. HEARTBEAT DRAWING project is progressing with each heartbeat of each human being in this world.