"To Call Me You"
Project N 04, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
22 October – 28 December. 2000








7 DAYS, AUG - OCT 2000
42 x 4000 cm, ink on paper, on the wall and window
Installation at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2000
The project N 04, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2000
- - - In the project N installation in this exhibition, the heartbeat drawing "7

Days: Heartbeat Drawing, August - October 2000" is displayed on a 40 meter long wall that includes the glass surface looking down onto a sunken garden. This work is a record of Sasaki's heartbeats over a seven-day period (168 hours), said to number 750,000 pulsations. As it is impossible to carry out a performance continuously for 168 hours without a break, this work was created over a three-month period from August to October. Standing in front of this drawing by Sasaki, the observer instinctively wants to place his hand on his heart. Another reaction is that of the body, which senses the heartbeat as a vibration, and is similar to that sensation of throbbing blood when we cut the tip of our finger, when it feels as though our heart has moved to the our fingertip. Communicating with the people who view his work via this sensation, one that we can all identify with, was the motive behind Sasaki's undertaking of these drawings for the first time in Shanghai.
(Extracts from "Project N 04" exhibition leaflet : Kataoka Mami / Curator, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery)

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