"By the Hand"
California University Art Museum, Long Beach, California, USA
28 August – 14 October, 2001








24-HOUR MAY 2000, ink on paper, 112 x 160 cm (W0847), 24-HOUR NOV 2000, ink on paper, 112.5 x 161, (W0861)

 Since 1995, Sasaki has been giving material presence to the pulse of his heartbeat in his dizzying patterns of bipod-red, zigzag lines. Each drawing, executed during the course of a predetermined period of time, such as one hour or twenty-hour hours, is a transcription of the heart's activate—similar to the recordings of an EKG machine that measures physical impulse ordinarily undetectable by the five senses. While the artist has to remain completely calm and still during long periods of production, the writhing surfaces of his extraordinary drawings pulse like the heart itself. The tremendous amount of dee concentration, discipline, and hand control require the artist to enter a meditative state of mind, allowing him to focus completely on the subtle beating sensation within him and to move his hand in perfect unison . What seems like an obsessive, useless exercise stands in direct contrast to the constant productive activity of everyday life and positions the process of drawing as a ritualistic act.

Text by Mary-Kay Lombino / Curater, University Art Museum, Cal State University, Long Beach, CA, USA

© SASAKI 2016