Contemporary Art Gallery, ART TOWER MITO, Ibaraki, Japan
22 July – 9 October 2006








15 Days, Heartbeat Drawing 2006
h240 x w480 x d480 cm, ink on vinyl sheet
BEAeating 2006, DVD, speaker and steel
Installation at Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibaragi, Japan, 2006
photo by Satomi Tomita

"Life" Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, 2006
- - - Once stepping through the entrance, you become surrounded in a pure white open space, seeing a circular red HEARTBEAT DRAWING swaying lightly in the breeze. From the circle, you hear the beat of the heart. Stepping in to the circle, there is a small monitor showing SASAKI drawing the HEARTBEAT DRAWING. That is when people realize the red patterns drawn on the surroundings are each beat of the heart: realizing that there are HEARTBEAT DRAWINGS. The heartbeat heard from this work not only reaffirms "life", but it also becomes the beat of the gallery space itself, suggesting the presence of "life" to all the exhibited works.

© SASAKI 2016