"Spelling Heartbeats"
The Dai-ichi Life Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
10 November – 18 December 2009
Dai-ichi Life 1F DN Tower 21 1-13-1 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan








Detail of HEARTBEAT DRAWING 24-HOUR, ink on paper

Heartbeat Drawing, 24-Hour JAN 2009, 112 x180 cm, ink on paper

Continuity : Work Complete List, DR-P Map and List 2009 (DR-P = drawing with a pen)
Thick red color parts are the drawings displayed at this exhibition.

Sharing : World Map and List 2009
The geographical distribution of shared works in the world

List of works:
Heartbeat Drawings for 24-Hour (ink on paper)   #1 work no.0696, 24-HOUR SEP 1998, 113.1X157.7cm   #2 work no.0769, 24-HOUR MAR 1999, 113.4X160.5cm   #3 work no.0847, 24-HOUR MAY 2000, 112.4X159.8cm   #4 work no.0861, 24-HOUR NOV 2000, 112.3X161.1cm   #5 work no.0895, 24-HOUR DEC 2001, 111.0X189.6cm   #6 work no.0922, 24-HOUR NOV 2002, 101X181.5cm   #7 work no.0999, 24-HOUR FEB 2004, 113X180.9cm   #8 work no.1032, 24-HOUR DEC 2005, 100X200cm   #9 work no.1066, 24-HOUR DEC 2006, 112X200cm   #10 work no.1415, 24-HOUR DEC 2007, 105.4X194cm   #11 work no.1443, 24-HOUR MAR 2008 NO.2, 109X194cm   #12 work no.1444, 24-HOUR MAR 2008 NO.3, 109X194cm   #13 work no.1466, 24-HOUR JUL 2008, 109X194cm   #14 work no.1468, 24-HOUR AUG 2008, 109.7X187.5cm   #15 work no.1559, 24-HOUR DEC 2008, 111X180cm   #16 work no.1560, 24-HOUR JAN 2009, 110X194cm   #17 work no.1562, 24-HOUR JAN 2009, 109.5X194.5cm   #18 work no.1563, 24-HOUR MAR 2009, 110X194cm   #19 work no.1566, 24-HOUR APR 2009 NO.2, 129.5X176.3cm   #20 work no.1570, 24-HOUR JUN 2009 NO.1, 129.5X176.5cm   #21 work no.1572, 24-HOUR JUN 2009 NO.2, 129.8X179cm   #22 work no.1573, 24-HOUR JUN 2009 NO.3, 109.5X195.5cm   #23 work no.1574, 24-HOUR JUL 2009 NO.1 109.5X195cm   #24 work no.1576, 24-HOUR AUG 2009, 110X195cm   #25 work no.1578, 24-HOUR SEP 2009 NO.2, 110X195cm   Work Complete List, DR-P Map and List 2009 (DR-P = drawing with a pen), digital print paper , 141x141cm   World Map and List 2009  The geographical distribution of shared works in the world , digital print paper , 141x141cm   Understanding Requires Silence, heartbeat sound from subwoofer speaker

This exhibition is displayed 24-hour (100,000 heartbeats) Heartbeat Drawing series which have been created for over 10 years since its beginning, and it is an installation that "Continuing Time" for an extended period is condensed in the space.

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