"Heartbeat Riyadh-Jeddah-Khobar 2015"
Hewar Art Gallery, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 12 December 2015
Saudi Center for Fine Art, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - 14 December 2015
Desert Designs Gallery, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia - 16 December 2015
Organized by BMG Foundation








"Heartbeat - Japanese Sasaki in 3 cities, Saudi", Al-Riyadh (Newspaper), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 18 December 2015.

"Sasaki draws heart pulses of Saudis on canvases", Al-Medina (Newspaper), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 15 December 2015.

Khairallah Zrban - Jeddah

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Qasabi hosts in the Saudi Center of Fine Arts today, the famous Japanese artist Sasaki (Heartbeat Sasaki), best known for drawing a heartbeat on the plates inspired by hearing the heartbeat of the public in the exhibition, which Sasaki will donate a third of revenues from the sale of paintings for heart patients in Saudi Arabia and support campaign and support safe driving campaign for the safety of the lives of the noble goals to serve the community.

The idea of the artist Sasaki project is to call someone from the audience to listen to his heart through an innovative voice interface and draw by a creative and lively manner, will be part of a live demonstration that integrates sound and vision at the same time to invent a wonderful work of art results in spiritual exchange and shared in a unique unforgettable experience.

This art is able to distinguish the heartbeat and prove that everyone has a different pulse through a sense strongly the heart strikes from human to human.

And since 1995 until today, the artist Sasaki paints pulses and waves the hearts of the world of art and sensual rhythm that way feature. It's not just a drawing, but closer to the artistic imagination of the usual reality. The number of pulses painted by the artist and to this day is more than 20 million pulses achieved on this global project to draw as much from the heart all over the world.

Visual impulses, and the color red for heart function and at a specific time and place specified in a certain way, all of which constitute a device to portray a complex information to show the wonderful work of art represents the feelings of any object in this world.

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